Training the Human Spirit

Developing a spiritual empowerment plan

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1. You may ask what to do with present activities? Your career or present activities is best explored to see how it can dovetail with your purpose otherwise you will be living off the track. This is very important to avoid abuse or cross purpose lifestyle.

2. I believe that every believer should have a 5 year-plan starting from salvation to re-align his life from the secular lifestyle to that driven by purpose. Otherwise the believer will continue life in a parallel mode; using the new life to run the old lifestyle and never attaining a convergence! By the time he dies, he would have majored on the minor.

3. The easiest expression of the believer’s purpose therefore is to identify which of the 7 Mountains of Social Impact he belongs. It is certain he will be able to express his purpose strategically following this path.

4. It so amusing that believers believe more in working for man than God. He will ask for God’s help to get this work and continue to ask for God’s help to be promoted; whereas God is looking for Labourers/Workers in His own business as well. He remains the best employer of labour. He that has ear to hear let him hear.



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• Purpose is eternal and it is fixed for the life of the believer; whereas Vision is a future expectation of fulfilling purpose.

• Purpose is not transferrable while Vision is transferrable.

• Purpose is driven and fully manifested by a SMART Vision

• Where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable

• Where purpose is not known, the believer is at his best only in the permissive will of God. Purpose leads the believer into the perfect will of God.

• Purpose is not Mt 28:19-20. This is the global purpose of the Church. Every believer must narrow down to his own part. When this is subjected to SMART, it fails because it is unable to answer the questions correctly.

• Knowledge of the believer’s Purpose enhances Bible Study because you will find your purpose highlighted in each book. It takes Bible Study to a whole new level.

• Working in Purpose releases spiritual, material and financial resources because the believer is actively doing what God sent him to Earth to do.

• Impacting Lives and acquiring Eternal rewards.


Convergence of Purpose with Career