Training the Human Spirit

Developing a spiritual empowerment plan

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Changing your mindset

Square Square Square Square Spiritual loop


Bible Study Levels discoveryourpurpose

1. Feeding the human spirit continuously


2. Exploring the maturing human spirit


3. This is followed by exploring the growth of the human spirit through higher interactivity of the Word of God, Purpose, Psalms, Parables and Covenant relationship.


4. Experiencing divine revelations, visions and spiritual understanding. The believer begins to enter into intimate relationship with the Godhead.


5. The believer becoming more innovative capacity and simultaneously entering into sonship, intense relationship with the Godhead and spiritually networking with believers across the globe.


6. The believer is driven by purpose expressed through a ministry.


7. Finally, the believer’s experiences and lives the new life in preparation

for eternal rewards and eternal life.

Spiritual loop - Steps