Training the Human Spirit

Developing a spiritual empowerment plan

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1. Through a burden which you carry in your soul and spirit

2. God begins to show you the big picture of what your life is all about and what you can do on behalf of God.

3. Through the peace of God in your heart when you have discovered it

4. Through the joy you derive in doing the work under any circumstances

5. Through the zeal and drive for the task without expecting a reward.

6. Then make a purpose statement. It must be one sentence, concise and precise. Write and re-write until you have the inward witness that you have nailed it on the head and you are at peace with it.

7. Set up a heavenly vision and a programme to actualise it


After making a Purpose Statement what do you do with it. Do you just continue to live as before, where do you get money to survive, do you resign from your work, etc…


Energy is released when you are able to come up with a Purpose Statement and this energy must be properly channelled for maximum impact and result. Consider these conditions:


• Be prepared to make a U-turn and forsake your present activities. The care of life is an impediment to a lot of people who would have loved to answer when the Lord calls. Don’t be conformed to the world. This is easiest done as a martially single person.

• As a married person, its more difficult because of on-going responsibilities, but as we see in 1Cor 7:20:  20 Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called; in other words organise your time to walk in parallel giving equal time to your secular work and your purpose until such a time that the secular work and purpose converge. By this time, the divine manifestation of your purpose becomes dominant in your life.

• Having a Vision and a Plan   ….  Programme for the implementation of the Purpose. By identifying where you fit in the 7 Mountains for Social Impact your purpose will have a definite thrust. Resources flow when you get the correct strategy by asking Holy Spirit these questions: Where? Why? When? How? Who? What? Answers will reveal the strategy.

• By continuous revelation Eph 3:3

• How that by revelation he made known unto me the mystery; (as I wrote afore in few words,

• Be yielded to Jesus so that He can make you become your Purpose. Mark 1:17


Everybody is called but few answer the call and few are chosen. Be part of the chosen few. Do not be disobedient to the heavenly call.

• If, for expediency you are unable to make a U-turn,

• Remember, its not by might nor by human power but by the divine will before one is able to uncover purpose and walk in it.


Check out the following things that will begin to happen to you in the process of discovering purpose......

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What do you do to become your Purpose?