Training the Human Spirit

Developing a spiritual empowerment plan

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Titles on each of the columns is expantiated below:


Menu:this lists the spiritual exercises to be carried out. This is a template

for the believer to add others.


Duration:shows the minimum time required daily to achieve the desirable

intensive spiritual exercise objective.


Gains from spiritual exercise:lists what the believer should expect to derive

from being dedicated and committed to carrying out the exercises.


Weekend/Holiday: Its time to reflect on the spiritual capacity building for the

week and a time to explore the rate and state of the human spirit maturity.


Lifestyle Changes: being born of the Spirit generates a totally new lifestyle

which manifests in radical internal and external changes to the believer.


Eternity: One of the necessary results of maturing the human spirit is the

development of a mind-shift from the lust of temporal life on earth to the

inestimable eternal and eternity rewards of a spiritual life.