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Developing a spiritual empowerment plan

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First of all it means that God speaks. Unlike idols and fake gods, our God does speak loud and clear.


Hearing by definition:


Strong Lexicon: to uncover the ear to reveal; the receiver of divine revelation.

Merriam-Webster Collegiate Thesaurus: Earshot (close proximity), Conference

Hearing God is multidimensional. It is certainly not monologue whereby one party talks and talks and talks and it ends there.


The multidimensional aspect of it comprises in a relationship, being within earshot in an environment of communion and it could be in a large conference. At such conferences different people hear the same basic information but are differently illuminated and inspired from the same thing that God has said. This is awesome.

The entire scenario is a dialogue between the Creator and His Creatures, let’s not forget this.


There are Christians who are puzzled when they hear their matured Pastors or other matured Christians say: ‘God said……’ Their usual remark is: ‘I never hear God speak to me.’  Ok, but this is supposed to be the norm. It is part and parcel of the born again experience for every Christian to say: ‘God said …’ Just like a child would say: ‘My daddy said..’ As a child to his parent so must a Christian hear God. It is part and parcel of the born again experience. It is also a necessity in order to do God’s perfect will. How else can we do His perfect will if we are unable to hear from Him? Its not possible.


Therefore hearing God means we have access to:

• Divine Instructions

• Divine Directions

• Divine Corrections

• Divine Guidance

• Divine Chat

• Divine Inspiration

• Divine Revelation

• Divine Counseling

• Divine U-Tube (if will receive this)


Hearing God is a necessary spiritual exercise because God is Spirit and because He dwells in all realms, He knows everything going on and can communicate with whosoever has an ear to hear Him.

Hearing God reveals what is going on in the spirit, which shall be manifested sooner or later. eg Job 1:2; it also reveals what is going on in the physical real-time. This is how someone connected with Him can have understanding of the times and seasons.

The end result is so that we can take action, agree with and line up with God’s plans and thoughts as they affect our community and us.    


Beautiful view

author Abiodun Oni


author Abiodun Oni

 Most of the fundamental inventions that have transformed humanity came majorly Christians. Without gainsaying up to 85% of the inventions has been made by Christians. The Holy Spirit had made the difference.

Through expanded spiritual capacity, a believer undergoes radical changes in his psych and mentality and this enables innovation to increase exponentially. By expanding his spiritual capacity it becomes easier for the believer to become more innovative and be more aggressive in bringing new products alive for the good of mankind. The reason is simple, the Holy Spirit releases and orchestrates innovative ability that he is able to grasp and practicalise.




Innovation, therefore, is the ability to generate original ideas from a series of thought processes and working experimentally and experientially to turn ideas into reality.


Webster Dictionary defines Innovation as the introduction of something new; a new method; a new process; a new device.


There are unlimited opportunities in all areas of life and fields of endeavor. Our problem as believers is we expect God to do everything for us while we sit back and ‘enjoy’ it all. God does not think like that. You take a step towards Him and He takes steps towards you.


Innovation demands change because there is dissatisfaction within you with the accepted norm or the status quo. Something needs to be changed and you are prepared to be the ‘Changer’.

It is the guy with guts who is an Inventor.

There are others who also have thought the same new idea  ( you are not alone ) but failure to act with dispatch and not to procrastinate has robbed many an inventor fame and fortune. In later chapter, you will find the attributes of an innovative person.


Someone asked Isaac Newton, “How did you discover the law of gravity?” His reply, “By thinking about it all the time.”









How does the believer innovate?

• Big internal market among believers totalling 2billions: wide spread appeal

• Spiritual social networking: generating a potent force world wide to effect changes and restoration in places where Christ has been relegated



Your purpose is God’s ultimate PLAN and BLUE PRINT for your life. Purpose links to you to Eternity Past and connects you to eternity Future. Every other human endeavour has little eternal value and adds very little to eternal rewards because its not from God.

The process of discovering purpose can be complex and can be easy. To be easy, the individual must be zealous after spiritual growth, open and be on the alert for the Holy Spirit; ready to search and to write. To be complex is to be religious in attitude and disposition and lazy concerning any prompting from the Holy Spirit.

The following suggestions are by no means conclusive ways of determining purpose for one’s life but would be found helpful and insightful. At the end YOU must be able to write your PURPOSE STATEMENT  in one sentence. It must be a SPIRTUAL STATEMENT! This MUST drive the rest of your life.

1. By seeking the face of God in prayer and the Word.

a. Here the Holy Spirit can witness ‘Purpose’ to your spirit – Romans 8:27

2. By asking Him directly for the purpose why He created you.

a. God always answers prayers of enquiries  Acts 9:6 Paul/Ananais

3. By mentoring through a Mentor

a. A more experienced individual also walking in purpose will be able to help and guide you into purpose. Paul to Timothy/ Modecai/Esther

4. Through spiritual Parents

a. Abraham guiding Isaac                Abraham/Isaac   Mary/Jesus

5. Be watchful and attentive in your dreams

a. God speaks to us dreams and can reveal your purpose in the process Joseph

6. Can be received by prophecy through a Prophet of God

a. A Prophet of God can by the gifts of the Spirit able to bring revelation of your purpose to you.  Elijah/Elisha, Jesus/Apostles

7. Purpose can be linked to one’s talent and spiritual gift.

a. Through the manifestation of one’s talents and or spiritual gift, it is possible to discern one’s purpose.  Daniel/Asaph&Heman

8. Through divine encounter

a. God may send an Angel or Himself in human form.  Virgin Mary/Moses


Time is required in receiving your spiritual definitions (Moses, Isaiah, ) and you must be at peace with the content and be subject to the Word of God.

Paul made a Purpose Statement; where is YOURS

Acts 26:16-17 (KJV)

16 But rise, and stand upon thy feet: for I have appeared unto thee for this purpose, to make thee a minister and a witness both of these things which thou hast seen, and of those things in the which I will appear unto thee; 17 Delivering thee from the people, and from the Gentiles, unto whom now I send thee,


Recognising that you are moving in the correct direction includes:

How does this purpose relate to God’s Kingdom activities of?

• Perfecting the Saints,

• Are Saints being developed and encouraged to become better as stewards of the gifts of God.

• The work of the ministry

• Does it support the work of the ministry

• Edifying the Body of Christ

• Does it build up the Saints

• Does the work involved in breaking new grounds

• Is it towards bringing the unsaved into the Kingdom

• Specific divine work

• Is it Missions & Missionary based

• Specific work of restoration

• Does it represent a new move of the Holy Spirit

• Societal reforms in accordance to divine mandate

• National issues: righteousness, Networking the Body of Christ

If you can see these activities you are not far from defining your purpose.


Check out the following things that will begin to happen to you in the process of discovering purpose:

1. Through a burden which you carry in your soul and spirit

2. God begins to show you the big picture of what your life is all about and what you can do on behalf of God.

3. Through the peace of God in your heart when you have discovered it

4. Through the joy you derive in doing the work under any circumstances

5. Through the zeal and drive for the task without expecting a reward.

6. Then make a purpose statement. It must be one sentence, concise and precise. Write and re-write until you have the inward witness that you have nailed it on the head and you are at peace with it.

7. Set up a heavenly vision and programme to actualise it.


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